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Related post: Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 15:03:28 +0100 From: Subject: Radio Young 1Radio YoungThis is a story about what a radio program could be like in a society more permissive than ours.Of course lolicon movie galleries everything in this story is pure fantasy. If you don't like reading about sex between young boys, or stories with that content is illegal in dark cp loli your country, don't read this story. Do something else worthwhile, as helping your brother learn how to masturbate or something.OK, here we go:"Hi everybody! Here's Radio Young again, the radio for young people with young people! I'm Tony and I will lead you russian loli pussy through very illegal lolit tonight's special program about young people and sex. Last Thursday we did the program Girls and Sex, and I tell you, that was a smash! I've been swamped very young lolite by mail from girls all over (and a loliat toplist lot of boys too) with comments. Seems like we got a real hit loli shy top there. Today we will do Boys and Sex, and next week we loli vombat give Boys and Girls and Sex.But nude lolipop today, it's bbs portal loli ls Boys and Sex! And today I've got three boys with me here in our studio to help me explaining how it is to be a boy and do sex, right boys?""Yeah, right on!""OK, let me introduce you to the listeners. Let's start with porno top list loli you Paul.""OK. My name is Paul, I'm twelve years old.""Is that all Paul?""Well, I go in the 6th grade, and I.... I""Let me help you Paul. Since we don't do this on TV (yet), I will try to describe our guests here in the studio tonight. Paul is about 155 cm high, he's slim, he's got blond hair, cut like a page, you know, and big blue eyes. As you can lolit model hear, it's a long time before he will break his loli nude petite voice, blackcat pictures loli but he's very cute!"[Giggle]"Now, what about you David?""Hi. I'm David. I'm thirteen years loli boy cock old. I'm in 7th grade, and I very good in tennis.""Great David. So lets me describe him for you. David is somewhere like 160 cm high, slim (but not as slim as Paul!), Dark hair and very big dark brown eyes. And have your voice started breaking?""Mom says that she can hear it sometimes, I can't.""Well, we'll se later how far you all lolite nudes have gotten in the nice pix lolit bbs puberty. Now Peter, it's your turn.""Hi underage lolitta everybody. I'm Peter. I'm bbs loli forum board fourteen, and I love sex!""Well, easy Peter, one thing at the time. Peter loli nude top is as you can hear definitely started on puberty. His voice is broken, and he's really started growing. He's about 170 high, strongly built, blond short hair and brown eyes. And I guess he's got hair somewhere else too, right Peter?""Yeah, sure. I'm not a kid anymore!""Well, we'll see about that. Now then. You know why we're here, right?""Right!""We are going to talk about sex, what your experiences sandra loli with sex are, how it all started with you, and how you do it. That pregnant lolis should sum it up. But we don't have pre n loli model so much time, so we better start at once. Now, you all know about sex and do it to yourself? You Paul?""Yes.""David?""Yes.""Peter?""Sure.""What loli anal manga do you do then, you all masturbate?""Yes""Sure""A bit.""Have any of you been together with a girl? You Paul?""No.""David?""No, well kind of.""OK, little lolit nude you will explain loli post bbs that "kind of" to us later. You Peter?""No.""So David. Explain!""Yes, it was like this: Me and two friends of mine was alone home one night, and we had invited the neighboring girls over. They are at our age. We did a lot of fooling around you know, kissing porn pedo loli and so, and then we played strip poker.""Wow David! All the way?""Yes. I lost lolitta kds pedo porn first and had to take off all my clothes. That was very embarrassing! But then one of the girls lost and I was not naked alone anymore. But that was also very embarrassing, because I got hard looking at her. All the other was teasing me because I was not petite loli girls so very big down there. I'm bigger now!""We'll see about little lolits nacked that David! Go on.""OK, after models preteens lolicon some time we zeps bbs loli were naked all 5 of us, then it was OK, because the two other boys also got hard. And then we showed young virgin porn lolipop each other how we beat off, that was very exciting!""I can loli young pedo xxx imagine! Did you cum while with the girls loli voyeur looking on?""Yeah, and the girls too!""This was the first time you were naked together with a girl, right?""Yea, and the last one lolitta bikini so far. We boys wanted to do more, but the girls did not, so we stopped with beating off.""Ok David. We leave this topic now, even though I would have liked to talk more about it. Today it's boys and sex that we are to talk about. Tell me Paul, when top 100 japanese loli did you start masturbating, and what put you on free lolicon hentai the bbs loli tiny track?""I started about half a loli tgp top year ago. And it was my older brother that taught me.""That's interesting. But I have fucking lolia girls to admit that one of the reasons you three have been picked out to be on tonight's show, are that you have been introduces to sex different way. Go on Paul, tell dirty girl little loli us more!""Well, I mean, one night I caught my brother (he's fourteen) loliteen models pictures beating off in his bed (we sleep in the same room), so I asked him what he was doing, so he showed me.""What did he do, did he masturbate while you looked at him? Or did he show it on you?""First he did it while childs models lolicon I watched, but then he said that he better teach me "hand on". So he came over in my bed and undressed me and caressed my dick till I became hard, and then jacked me off.""Nice uh? Did you cum the first time?""Yes, very nice, but I did not cum the first time. The preteen boys loli third time he did me I came. That was scary, the first time!""Are you still dry?""Yes.""Do you masturbate often? Where do you lolicon comic galleries do it? When? Tell the yong lolits teen free listeners!""I do it almost every day. Most of the times in bed at night, sometimes in the bathroom.""Do you do it together with your brother?""Yes, at least once a week. He does it so nice!""Thanks Paul. Now you David. When, how, and so on. Tell us!""Eh, well, I learned from a friend. I stayed overnight at his place, it must have been a bit more that a year ago. After we young little underage loli went to bed, he found us some porn magazines, which we looked over. Very soon he put his hand down in his briefs and started to play with his loli child pedo collection dick. I got hard myself, and then he showed hardcore loli stories me down on the bed and pulled down my brief and started to caress my dick. That loli boy sex was awesome!""I can imagine. Did you cum?""Yea, he jacked me off till I came. Wow, that was so exciting!""Were you dry?""No, some drops came out bbs pt loli of me, and I thought it was gross!""So then, what lolicon pissing not, do you masturbate a lot?""Yes, almost every day. Some times at school, in the toilets, but mostly home when I take a shower or after I have gone to bed.""Do you do it with your pregnant lolity friend still?""Yes, sure, a lots of pedo nymphet lolit times!""OK then, now it's your turn Peter. What about you?""I learned it from my scout leader.""Hm, that was interesting. Tell us more. How old was he?""He was like 23 or so, I was 12. We loli bbs guestbook forum were on xxx cartoons loli free nude lolitta portal a patrol hike, sleeping in tents. The scout leader somehow got me to sleep in his tent. And the second night he opened my sleeping bag and preteen pic loli fondled me on the outside of my briefs, believing that I was asleep.""Were you asleep?""No! And I got loli link pic hard at once. So when he pulled down my briefs I helped him by lifting my bum. And then he went on fondling my dick and balls before he masturbated me till I cum.""That must have been exiting for you, was this the first time you came?""Yes, and I thought I was dying! It was so strong!""Did he show you more things to do?""Yes, he sucked me and showed me how to masturbate him.""Do you still see him?""No, we went on doing stuff for almost two lolittas years. But then he was caught fucking a small boy once. I don't know what happened to him, he just disappeared.""How often do you masturbate?""Almost every day, and some times several times a day, and sometimes it might be days without british loli doing it. Then it's very nice when I do it again!""Ok, thank you all. Now we have heard how Paul, David and Peter learned to masturbate. Now we want to hear more, what turns anime loli porn you on. You Paul?""Well, free loliteen eh, I don't know really......""Come on Paul, don't be shy with us, course you know.""OK, girlie magazines, you know, pictures free sample lolicon movies of naked girls. Specially when you see the cunt and all.""Like this? I have one magazine like that here. top 100 loliutas Take a look and tell us if it turns you little nude junior loli on.""Wow! That is a cool magazine! Wow! Look at her!""Now Paul, does it turn you on?""Yeah..""Are you hard?""Yes.""Can wee see?""What do you mean?""Can we see your boner?""You mean, I'm to pull down my trousers and let you see my dick?""Yes.""Oh, I don't know......""Come on Paul, it's only a radio, nobody out there can see you.""OK then. Wait a sec. Mmpf, och. Now, what do you think?""To our listeners: Paul is opening his trousers, and pulling them down on his legs. First his jeans, then his loli teen extreem briefs, and sex lolit porn now he sits down again, and a long, lolite russe sex a bit sweet loli girls nude thin, dick sticks straight out from his groin. He's got no hairs down there, and his ball sack is tight and small.""Cool Paul! You're really hard and hot! That's a very nice dick you have. What virgin lolit porn a long foreskin, can you pull it all the way down?""Sure, look!""Yes, Cool Paul, and I can see on pregnant lolicon images the glans (that's the head of the dick you know) that you're very horny now, it's tight and filled with blood. Don't the rest of you think Paul's dick is nice?""Sure.""Yeah, cool.""Now David, what turns you on?""Oh, well. Porn magazines, with men and woman fucking, I like that!""Like this? Look at this magazine and tell us what you think.""Shit, this is hot! Look, you can see his dick in her ass!""David, do you hear sexy young loli girls me? Does it make you hot?""David!""Yes, very!""Can we see how?""Sure, wait a sec.""OK, for our listeners now that cannot see this: David is pulling down his shorts, and there follows his briefs. And download lolicon angel he is hot! A lovely stiff and hard dick is standing right up from his groin. He must free lolicon porn be close to 12 cm, with a big round underage models loli blue red head. And his ball sack is all tight and close to his body. And I do see some dark hair elweb loli gallery down there. Not many, but still some! David, best lolits bbs your are circumcised, are you not?""Yes, I'm Jewish you know.""Sure, how stupid loli sex story I am! You lolicon board 3d must tell you later what technique you user for masturbating when you have no foreskin.""And then, you at last Peter. What turns you on? Do free loli underage porn I see right, you are hot already?""Yes, elwebb bbs loli nude I'm, I'm ....... Hot.""Does boys turn you on? Do you get hot by looking at Paul and David?""Yes, I do. I can't help it! But naked boys make me hot!""That's OK Peter, a lot of boys have it like that. I'm sure that even Paul and David like to look at naked boys, right boys?""Well, .. maybe a bit.""You David?""I don't know, maybe sometimes, when I fool around whit my friends.""Ok then Peter. Show us what you have.""To our listeners: Peter is standing up and pulling down his shorts and briefs in one go. And now he straightens up, and it's true what he said about not being a boy down there more. He's got a lot of hair, and a big thick dick stands stiff out in the air.""OK then, since you all are naked down there, loli girls gallery why don't take off all your cloths, loli little nu and we can start the practical side of our program, how we do it! I'll put on a video to make you come in the right move."" To our listeners: Our three guests here tonight sit in a big sofa, with a TV screen in front of them. I'm now starting a video with cuts from different porn movies. lolicon video forum And we have parts from all kind of movies; I think even Peter will be satisfied!"" While I've been talking to sex flash games loli you, our three guests have undressed to preteen models loli girls the skin, and sit now naked in the sofa, and I can promise underage lolitta schoolgirls you, they porno pedo lolis all three still hard and stiff!"Now Paul, you first, show us how you masturbate and tell us how you do it!""Ok, I use my thumb and two fingers, like this. Then I just pull the foreskin up and down, like this.""To my listeners, Paul has taken hold of his stiff dick, and pre pics loli is slowly pulling the foreskin up and down over the read head. I must say he's hot to look at, I get stiff myself now! Is it nice, Paul?""Yes, litle loli bbs eh.., very nice!""Will it take long before you cum?""Depends, I don't know.""Okey, then what about you David?""I like best to use some oil, I don't have the foreskin you know. Do you have any oil?""Yes sure, course we are prepared. Just hold on a second. To my listeners: We have all necessary equipment here, and I do have some baby oil. And the reason is of course that David does not have any foreskin he can slide up and down on the head of his dick, so he rubs the head itself with his hand. So, David, here's the oil. Do you want me to help you to apply it?""Ok.""Now to my listeners: You should have seen this, David is sitting in the sofa with a very hard dick, and now I take hold of in (Oh, it's so warm and firm!) with one young sex loli pics hand and careful pour some oil on the head with the other. Now, you're all slippery and nice.""Thanks real teen lolicon Tony, but you don't have to do me you know, I can jack lolitta stories off by myself.""Oh, sorry, I got a bit carried off. Now show us David.""To our listeners: David now holds round his dick with his whole hand, and slowly slides it up loli fuch all the way till the end of the dick, and then down again. With his other hand he's top loli porn tgp caressing his ball sack. By the look of David's face, he enjoys it, right David?""Yeah! It's good!" "Now Peter, yes I see that you're well on you're way to cum. To our listeners: free loli vids Peter is sitting on the edge of lolitta network the sofa jacking of in alex cp loli a furious speed. Can you keep it up for long, Peter?""No! I'm there very soon!" "Tell us when Peter.""Yes, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!"To our listeners: Peter is cumming all over, not so much, but I suspect that he's been jacking off before today, but it's a lot, all over his stomach.""Now we will follow Paul and David through their first cum tonight, then we will go through what boys can do together!" More to follow! Comments to
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